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Conquering COVID in the Manufacturing Workplace with Thermal Temperature Scanners

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jan 5, 2022 8:15:00 AM

With wave after wave of COVID-19 variants still disrupting home and business life, many companies are opting for a remote or hybrid work environment to help keep employees safer and business on target. For the manufacturing industry, however, this is not an option. The nature of the industry requires staff to work in close proximity with one another and the typical preventative measures such as cubicles, plexiglass barriers, or social distancing cannot work in this environment. Even mask wearing can be difficult for a manufacturing employee whose job may require them to physically exert themselves, as masks can make breathing more difficult.

However, current technologies have given manufacturers a new way to increase workplace health and hygiene and control the spread of disease: Thermal temperature scanners.

The Benefits of Thermal Temperature Scanners for Health and Safety in Manufacturing

Like any industry, manufacturers are committed to keeping their employees healthy and on the job during the coronavirus pandemic. In general the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that workers should be allowed to continue to work even if they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19  “provided they remain asymptomatic, have not had a positive test result for COVID-19, and additional precautions are implemented to protect them and the community.”

Catching illness at the first sign of symptoms is critical to prevent spread and, of course, help infected employees get applicable medical treatment as soon as possible. In general, manufacturers should implement policies such as workplace cleaning protocols that focus on frequently touched items such as doorknobs, break room items, elevator buttons, and equipment control. Hand hygiene should also be a focus, with sanitizing stations being offered at appropriate locations so frequent hand sanitation does not interfere with workflows. It is also suggested that surveillance testing be conducted to locate possible infections, although this can remain a costly and time-consuming procedure.

The Benefits of Thermal Temperature Scanners for Monitoring Illness

Thermal temperature scanners can be of great assistance in monitoring employee wellness. When located at plant entryways, these scanners can effectively detect above-average temperatures and prevent access to sick employees. While the scanner may not necessarily detect COVID-19, it will detect a fever — and any employee with a fever should be at home, rather than at work where they can spread illness, resulting in more absenteeism in the workforce.

When used properly, thermal scanners can accurately measure surface skin temperature without the need for personnel to be in close contact with the subject and they can even take the temperature of multiple people at one time. Scanning with a thermal camera is much faster than with an oral thermometer — and much more hygienic. Studies show that when these systems are used properly, measurements of skin temperature are fast and accurate.

For best results, avoid reflective backgrounds where you are using a thermal temperature scanner and use in a room with little or no air movement, direct sunlight, or radiant heat. Also avoid high-heat lighting systems such as halogen or incandescent lighting, as this can raise surface skin temperature and result in false positives.

Let Blue Technologies Help You Get Started with Thermal Imaging

At Blue Technologies, we know how difficult it can be to keep your workplace free of coronavirus, particularly when you are running a manufacturing operation that requires many employees to be in close contact on a factory floor. 

To help keep your employees safe from viral spread and keep your business operating at full capacity, consider deploying a thermal temperature scanner at your location. Placing a thermal scanning kiosk at entryways allows you to quickly and accurately scan incoming employees for elevated temperatures — without having to have physical contact with each employee. Built-in access controls can prevent entry to employees with elevated temperatures, allowing you to keep employees with any illnesses that cause a fever from entering the premises. 

These kiosks are cost-effective, integrate with current access control systems, and are easy and intuitive to use, making them a perfect first line of defense for companies wishing to keep their work force as safe and healthy as possible.

Keep your workforce — and workplace — protected from the spread of viral illness.  Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and learn how thermal temperature scanners can help.

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