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Cloud Computing Services for Marketing and Advertising Firms

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on May 22, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Advertising and marketing are some of the single most competitive industries on the global market. Firms in these industries fight tooth and nail as they vie for higher market shares. While there is no silver bullet, executives in this field need a competitive edge to one up their adversaries.

Cloud computing services are that competitive edge. Here’s what managers need to know about cloud computing services and how they can help them stay a step ahead.

The Advantages of Cloud Computing Services in Marketing and Advertising

Giants like Amazon who launched Amazon Web Services nearly ten years ago set an example. Cloud computing has been making waves ever since and is bringing key advantages to the table. Advertising and marketing professionals stand to benefit the most from the technology.

Here’s what these services can do to optimize marketing and take it to the next level.

Cut Costs Like Butter

One of the easiest and most effective ways to cut costs by saving money in the advertising business is to use cloud computing services. Managed cloud services encompass a vast range of IT functions that can effectively replace those of in-house IT staff. Making the switch can save a lot of money, employing full time IT professionals and providing benefits for them is overwhelmingly expensive.

Managed services can do more for less, providing security, maintenance, and support. They even install state-of-the-art equipment and hardware and are dedicated to improving operational efficiency wherever possible. Blue Technologies sees its clients as partners, and that means being cognizant of the fact that their success directly derives from that of their customers.

Manage Information Security and Data Backups Like A Pro

Performing data backups is one of the most essential components of information security. Storing data backups in a separate building is a proven way to increase security. By storing it elsewhere, there’s less risk bundled in one place. Furthermore, managed services like those available through Blue Technologies can manage devices with active monitoring. Active device monitoring is a smart way to cover all the bases and provide a genuinely secure work environment.

Competition is brutal among adversaries in advertising, and corporate espionage is a real threat. Stay safe and keep the best ideas safe from prying eyes with Blue Technologies.

Optimize Workforce Efficiency

Workforce efficiency can be optimized with managed services, making marketing teams more efficient through productivity and collaboration solutions. Firms in marketing and advertising should take advantage of cloud services to stay ahead of the competition with highly effective workforces.

Enable Advanced Infrastructure Management and Customization

One of the most profound advantages of using cloud computing services from leaders like Blue Technologies is the facilitation of advanced infrastructure management and customization.

Today’s market thrives off of customization and infrastructure management has grown increasingly more complicated. These changes have created a need for more innovative infrastructure management solutions that can be customized.

Blue Technologies has been pioneering these innovations and offers systems integration that builds off of strategic planning sessions. The result is a robust fleet of office hardware buffered by U.S. based support services.

These systems are optimized and tailored for the individual, organizational needs and structured around any business. Cloud services are the future for a reason; they enable businesses with remarkable powers that can be leveraged to yield actionable benefits.

Cloud Computing Services as Productivity Solutions with Blue Technologies

Cloud computing has a lot of potential in productivity solutions. Here are some of the generally most advantageous offerings from Blue Technologies.

· Data Capture – Tags media for automatic entry.

· Document Processing and Collaboration – these services allow businesses to enjoy efficient and secure information flow between departments.

· Document Management – document management is a holistic approach to managing documents through software, hardware, and active monitoring.

Marketing and advertising firms are in a unique position to benefit from these services, especially data capture. With so much information in different formats being sent in and out of these agencies every day handling the sheer mass of data can be overwhelming.

Blue Technologies uses Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, to recognize important information from both paper and digital sources and submits it into the centralized storage system. With staff often being overworked in this competitive market, software solutions like OCR by Blue Technologies are more important than ever.

Grow with Blue Technologies and Watch Marketing Productivity Skyrocket

Blue Technologies understands the marketing business, and their experts know the ins and outs like the backs of their hands. Firms who partner with Blue Technologies for their cloud computing services grow stronger. This industry leader from Ohio has been helping businesses jump ahead of the competition and enjoy the first-in-class efficiency.

Give Blue Technologies a call and speak with them about how their cloud computing services can make a difference. Marketing is fierce, get an edge over the competition!

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