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Blue Named 2020 Color of the Year:What that Means for Print Production

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jan 3, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Since 1963, The Pantone Color Institute has revolutionized the way brands, and manufacturers implement color into their products, graphics, advertisements, and business material. Over 10 million designers and production teams use the Pantone Matching System to help incite critical decision processes, improve workflow, or establish a brand identity.

As of December 4th, Pantone has recognized classic blue as the color of the year for 2020. Laurie Pressman, the vice president of the Pantone Color Institute and the person appointed to select the color, said, “It’s a color that anticipates what’s going to happen next.”

The suggestion indicates that more businesses and brands are going to choose the color scheme for the majority of their designs. In this article, we’ll discuss how the trend affects print production and what companies can do to lower management expenses.

How Might Classic Blue Affect Marketing Firms?

With the beginning of the next decade just around the corner, marketing firms need to prepare quickly to avoid office overload. If Pantone is correct and more companies choose blue for marketing material, many printing departments could experience a collapse in productivity.

Here are a few reasons a marketing business might fall behind in 2020:

Restricted Blue Shade Production: Many of the RBG color shades that designers choose on their computer monitors are impossible to recreate with standard CMYK printers.

Reduced Production Rate: Printers must run at slower speeds to achieve quality on high DPI settings and wide-format prints.

Decreased Customer Experience: Each print request can take several tries to achieve the right shade of blue and meet customer demands.

Companies can expect backed-up orders, delayed transaction times, and slower production rates overall if brands choose blue ink in the coming year. If print production companies want to remain reputable in the industry and maintain their customer base, they need to manage in-house procedures.

3 Ways to Manage In-House Print Production

What can print production managers do to reduce the overall cost of supplies and keep up with order demands? Here are three ways marketing firms can implement professional office administration tactics to achieve success in 2020.

1. Choose the Right Printer

Haven’t updated printer models for a while? Do so before 2020.

High-volume orders such as forms, tests, sheet music, manuals, and invoices rarely use colored ink. Monochrome printers are best to use for these tasks since they precisely transfer ink at amplified speeds. Dedicate a high-quality colored printer to designs with colored graphics to reduce ink costs and improve order processes.

2. Balance Quality and Quantity

Most companies assume printing all orders out slower achieves better quality and saves on material cost. However, this isn’t the case for all orders. Most printers process colors and text at varying rates on different-sized documents. Change the printer’s settings to match each order type to reduce time-consumption and maintain order quality.

3. Remain Flexible

There’s a surprising amount of orders with abnormal format and color requirements that can enter the printing department each day. Since these orders are different than typical print jobs, companies spend more time changing printer settings to accommodate them. Often, this results in significant delays. Keeping several printers free for urgent or special orders helps marketing firms finalize sales faster and maintain a balance in productivity.

The Blue Technologies Approach to Meeting Print Demands

Most companies want to resolve office printer inconsistencies and believe that hiring offsite help would go over their budget. At Blue Technologies, we offer an affordable solution to office equipment management, no matter the scale of the company. Our Managed print production services can help marketing firms and organizations achieve a balanced workflow, cut down on production costs, and increase profits overall.

Here are some of the benefits of our service:

Fast Print Speeds: We use some of the best monochrome printers available, designed solely for high-quality, high-capacity text documents. Enjoy print speeds as high as 250 pages per minute.

Improve Color Quality: While using our services, companies can select any Pantone color scheme and directly control the output of color-critical material. Experience vivid and vibrant print quality on every order.

Format Readiness: Our print production services ensure all in-house orders are processed with quick turnaround times, giving clients the flexibility to take on special orders. In turn, companies generate more revenue.

Reduce Waste: The overall cost of production material is less when customers don’t require remakes on their orders, and if technicians select the right printer for each job.

Blue Technologies understands that delivering high-quality prints requires more than a great printer. Why call IT help desks for printer assistance, when a dedicated specialist is waiting to help? Contact us today to set up a printer production plan that scales with your business.

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