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Capturing Student Attention in a Hybrid Learning Environment with Interactive Whiteboards

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jan 3, 2022 11:15:00 AM

Schools are still coming to terms with the new normal in learning. With the coronavirus pandemic still forcing some schools to turn to a mix of remote and in-person learning as Covid cases rise and fall, administrators are searching for technologies that help students stay attentive — regardless of where they are located.

Fortunately, there is cost-effective, easy to adopt technology such as interactive whiteboards that make it easier for teachers to engage their classes to help improve basic skills and boost learning. In this article, we’ll address the advantages these whiteboards offer for both in-class and at-home learning environments.

Learning Faster and Better at Home or at School Using Interactive Whiteboards

Student attention is a notoriously fleeting thing — even in a best-case scenario. But compounded by new learning situations such as virtual learning or in classrooms where students are distracted by mask-wearing and student attention can be hard to capture. Interactive whiteboards make it easier for teachers to get — and hold — student attention, providing a better, more enriching learning experience.  Here’s why:

  1. Variety is the Key to Attention and Learning 

Students, especially in the primary grades, need to interact with a number of materials to keep attention and promote learning. For example, children can write their answers directly on the board when in class or provide immediate feedback through in-line editing if they are learning from home. Increasing student engagement in this way boosts learning and helps keep kids on task. Engaging multiple senses such as touch, sound, and sight can help children of all learning styles grasp material faster by engaging multiple areas of their brains.

  1. Interaction Drives Engagement

Whiteboards are the ultimate interactive tool, allowing every student to use the board at the same time for exceptional engagement and collaboration. Students can get tactile with learning, using their fingers to draw on the board and, if they are remote, an administrator can set up workspaces so many students can use the board at once. Students can also use their own personal devices such as tablets and smartphones to draw, take notes, or interact with the board. 

  1. Instant Feedback to Clarify Lessons

Interactive controls on smart whiteboards allow students to provide instant feedback to instructors as lessons are being taught. This gives teachers the ability to clarify confusing lesson points in real time and answer questions about the material to be sure that students have a strong understanding and mastery of each lesson.

  1. Keeping Students and Teachers Connected

Connectivity is important for both students and teachers, especially if class is being held virtually. Interactive whiteboards provide an environment where students can engage with classmates and instructors in real time to keep that personal connection alive. Using the interactive whiteboard, students can participate in discussion groups and perform group projects or group exercises. Importantly, students can even have one-on-one consultations with teachers or tutors to go over performance, grades, or get personal assistance in understanding areas in which they may be struggling. 

Blue Technologies Has the Right Interactive Whiteboard for Your Classroom

Young people are our future, and ensuring that they have an enriching learning experience, whether they are at home or at school is a primary goal of most educational organizations — a goal that has become more difficult to attain since the pandemic complicated the learning landscape. 

At Blue Technologies, we understand how hard it can be for teachers — and students — to get the most out of their learning day in a remote or hybrid environment. That’s why we have teamed with industry leading interactive whiteboard manufacturer Lifesize to offer their innovative Kaptivo whiteboards. These boards integrate easily with current tools and applications and are easy to set up and use. With Kaptivo, you can live stream lectures and lessons across your campus or for distance learning and offer your student body the most enriching learning experience possible.

Help boost the effectiveness of both in-class and remote learning environments at your school. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and learn how our interactive whiteboards can help.

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