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In-House Wide-Format Printing Helps Construction Firms Save Resources

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Oct 12, 2020 9:45:00 AM

Like many industries, construction has been hard hit by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in an unemployment rate that is two points higher than the national unemployment numbers. Nearly a third of residential construction firms have closed temporarily and one-fourth have had to delay — or cancel — their upcoming projects.

With a dearth of projects in the foreseeable future, it becomes more important than ever for construction firms and professionals in related industries — architects and engineers — to take a closer look at strategies that can help reduce unnecessary expenditures, speed up productivity on current projects, and help support a healthier bottom line.

Construction firms have a unique tool at their disposal that will not only help them cultivate financial and productivity benefits but also assist them in moving towards a company-wide digital transformation — the wide format printer.

Digital technologies such as the innovative new functionalities associated with today’s wide-format printers can address old challenges in the construction, engineering, and architectural industries and help optimize standard processes.

How In-House Wide-Format Printing Can Support Your Firm

Even during these trying economic times, construction, architectural, and engineering firms all rely on various plans, schematics, and drawings to take their projects to a successful conclusion.

These plans must be created using a large, easily readable format that can use multiple colors for better understanding and even special media that withstands harsh weather conditions and rough usage.

Many firms use third-party printing services to fill this need, but this can be problematic when deadlines or multiple changes are involved. Fortunately, today’s wide-format printers offer easy-to-use features that make bringing printing in-house where it can be easily managed and controlled a big plus for this industry.

1. Make Changes in a Snap

Having wide-format printing capabilities in-house means that your firm can generate full-scale plans for engineers, architects, project managers, and clients whenever they are needed to reduce project hold-ups and increase client satisfaction.

Project changes can be immediately processed, and a corrected set of plans generated to reflect the updated direction, reducing the potential for error.

2. Bring Concepts to Life

Using a wide-format printer, multiple schematics are easy to develop. Clients and collaborative teams will appreciate the large, clear presentation of concept details, making it easier to determine areas of concern.

A good wide-format printer can handle on-the-fly changes, high-quantity production for multiple team members or multiple projects, and a variety of media. For example, printing plans on a durable vinyl medium can reduce errors and misunderstandings in an area where weather, dirt, or debris can break down paper plans or obscure critical details.

3. Save Time — and Money

With a wide-format printer in-house, your firm can print plans, schematics, and changes on your schedule, even on-demand. This reduces the reliance on subcontractors and ensures that work is accomplished with the greatest efficiency.

Even if your company is not in a position to purchase a wide-format machine outright, today’s wide-format printer suppliers often offer leasing options that allow you to bring this technology in-house for less money than using a third-party printer.

Finally, today’s wide-format technologies include smart and reliable archiving for CAD drawings, plans, and schematics to protect against misunderstandings and litigation.

Blue Technologies Has Options for Your Wide-Format Printing Needs

At Blue Technologies, we have a firm grasp of the print challenges faced by today’s construction, engineering, and architecture firms.

Whether your firm has outdated wide-format technology that is no longer supported by the original manufacturer or you are ready to experience the versatility, flexibility, and cost-savings that in-house wide-format printing can bring to your firm, the Blue Technologies team can help.

Our wide-format print experts can assess your current infrastructure and needs and help you choose the right machine and purchasing options to fit your goals and budget.

To this end, we have developed close partnerships with leaders in wide format technology such as KIP hardware and Bluebeam software to bring you end-to-end digital solutions that are geared especially toward your industry.

Our wide-format printers allow your firm to experience on-demand printing for increased flexibility, reduced document costs, on-the-go versioning, and reliable archiving for a better, more efficient print experience.

Uncover the value and flexibility a wide-format printer can bring to your firm. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and get expert help choosing a printer for your specific needs.

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