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Boost Your Personal Training Business with Video Conferencing

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jan 7, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Even before COVID-19 arrived on the scene, health-conscious consumers turned to personal training to get fitness results.

Personal training provides one-on-one guidance, better accountability, and a fitness workout tailored to individual specific needs and goals.

But we can’t ignore the fact that the ongoing coronavirus has not only affected fitness clubs but the fitness industry as a whole — including personal trainers.

Online personal training is the wave of the future. Using technology, members can meet their trainers in a virtual environment, getting feedback, and moving through workouts in the safety of their own homes.

Through a virtual model, trainers can provide clients with paperless profiles and billing, online fitness tracking and assessments, and even engage with individuals or groups through applications.

In the past, trainers would use their smartphones or laptops to stay connected with clients. Still, today’s video conferencing technology brings with it a host of benefits that can provide more personal interaction, fewer glitches during training sessions, and ways to share screens to offer added value to each session.

Using Video Conferencing to Grow Your Virtual Personal Training Business

Video conferencing technology offers many advantages to personal trainers who want to stand out from the crowd. To get started designing an online video workout class, you will need:

· A video conferencing application or software

· Set up the software

· Social media pages or apps to connect further with your audience

· Customized diet plans, fitness charts, and other documents to share via video

· Fitness tracking software to measure fitness success

However, weeding through the many choices for video conferencing software can be daunting. In general, you will want to steer clear from free applications such as Zoom since they are an easy target for hackers looking to cause disruption.

For those who lack tech-savvy skills, some video conferencing systems can be challenging to set up and manage. For that reason, it is recommended to partner with a company that can bring you a variety of cost-effective video conferencing choices — and support in getting things going.

Choosing Your Video Conferencing Partner

Whether you are just starting or looking to grow your online training program, you will want to select a competent partner with the IT knowledge you need for a smooth launch of your virtual classes.

Video conferencing is not a “one size fits all” formula, as each trainer has specific needs and challenges. For example, you may currently only serve a handful of clients with streaming workouts, but you will want to be prepared for business growth or a shift in class sizes.

To conduct group classes or handle a more extensive client load, you will need scalable software to connect you to the right number of clients. Your service provider should be well-versed in providing flexible, scalable video conferencing that can grow alongside you.

And your partner should be able to offer you a selection of options from minimal features to all the bells and whistles, so you have the option to provide your clients more when you are ready to take a competitive lead.

Blue Technologies is the Perfect Partner for Your Online Fitness Career

At Blue Technologies, we are committed to providing the right technology level to keep your online fitness clients satisfied — and coming back for more classes.

Our video conferencing solutions are in partnership with leaders in the field, such as Cisco, Microsoft, Mitel, Lifesize, and more. We have the connection to provide you with the right framework and infrastructure, such as cost-effective Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecommunications, coupled with video conferencing software that can amplify the client experience with crisp, clear, real-time streaming.

With our software, you can connect numerous clients into a group session when you are ready for that, and you can easily share plans, documents, and other graphics to bring added value to each training session.

Our IT experts can help you assess your current needs, plan for future growth, and get the power of cutting-edge technology to help your training business stand out from the competition.

Ready to start — or grow — your online training business with state-of-the-art video conferencing? Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and learn how our cost-effective video solutions can help your business thrive.

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