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Best Printers for Graphic Design Professionals in Ohio

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Oct 2, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Suitable printers are designed to assist a business in carrying out its most critical operations efficiently and effectively. However, there are many instances where merely having a reliable, cost-effective printer isn’t enough. Creative industries and professional graphic designers also need uncompromised print quality to do their jobs. Finding that perfect printer can prove challenging, especially when the company also needs cost-effectiveness and reliability as much as it needs print quality.

The Midwest is a hub for the creative economy. In Ohio, especially, graphics designers enjoy a wide selection of manufacturers and companies to assist with the search for the perfect printer.

Blue Technologies is thrilled to be among those who work with Ohio-based graphics designers to develop the ideal print environment.

What Do Graphic Designers Need in a Printer?

Graphic designers work much more closely with print material than many other industries, making their needs in a printer much more specific and demanding. This elevates the importance of investing in the right printer because it can make or break a business. Some of the particular needs which graphics designers have for offices include:

Integration. The printer needs to work well with the rest of the productivity ecosystem in a professional creative office. That means Wi-Fi connectivity, the ability to interface with whatever cloud solutions the office uses, and accessibility from any point on the network.

Flexible printing options. The selected printer needs to handle an array of formatting and finishing options to maximize the creative potential of the designers. This may include the ability to handle unique paper sizes or material that isn’t paper at all.

Software compatibility. Graphic designers work with all sorts of specialized software, and the printers must be compatible with these file formats – some of which may be massive.

Things to Consider

When thinking about the ideal printer, there are also a few other things which graphic designers need to keep in mind. These include:

What are the company’s output resolution needs? The resolution affects file sizes but also how crisp the image looks in its finished state.

How expensive are a model’s consumables? An inkjet printer produces beautiful color images, but cartridges are more expensive and may run empty faster.

What sort of projects does the company mainly print? Graphics designers within a textbook publishing company have different printing needs than those within a marketing agency.

Will the printing needs change over time? A printer represents a sizeable investment. An expectation that printing needs will soon shift suggests it might be wiser to consider alternative options.

Is the printer multi-use or reserved for graphic design use? A printer that needs to serve the office in a variety of ways will have different features than one only meant for design work.

The Best Printers for Graphics Designers in Ohio

There’s no one best printer, only the one which best suits an office’s needs. Some of the best options for printers for graphic designers include:

Lexmark CS410dtn Color Laser Printer

Color laser printers take advantage of cost-effective laser technology while delivering the ability to print in color. Designed for offices with demanding print output (supporting a whopping 75,000 pages per month), it makes an excellent choice for designers who print a significant number of proofs. Its high-yield cartridges and frugal toner use also mean that an office will get more out of this printer than many other models on the market.

Konica Minolta bizhub C360i

When it comes to printing power married to image quality, Konica Minolta leads the way. Its bizhub i-Series multifunction printers deliver unparalleled image resolution combined with a powerful processor for greater color accuracy. Of this line, the C360i represents one of the most robust options for color printers, boasting at speeds exceeding 36 pages per minute. Additionally, the tasteful black design makes it at home in the most high-end environments, conveying a strong message about the professionalism and quality it offers.

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553n

For fast, secure, and quality printing, few brands can beat HP. The LaserJet Enterprise line discards faxing and photocopying capabilities to make space for more powerful printing technology. This includes resource-saving strategies such as automatic cartridge management to make consumables last if possible. Likewise, with full Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile printing, this printer will stay up to speed with a modern office.

Make Blue Technologies Your Trusted Printing Solutions Advisor

Graphic designers have specialized needs when it comes to printing – not just any old printer will do. To get the most out of a printer selection, work with an expert in the industry who can help identify your specific printing needs. Blue Technologies is a premier office solutions provider in Ohio which specializes in assisting companies in refining their processes and growing.

Discover the printer options we carry for graphic designers in Ohio today. Start a conversation about your needs now.

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