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Best-in-Class Print Solutions for Ohio Country Clubs

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jan 16, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Country clubs rely on quality printed material to showcase and advertise the most exceptional qualities of their membership programs. To achieve pristine aesthetics and tailored professional designs, golf organizations must use the best printers available. While conventional printer equipment can transfer clear images to most media without an issue, mailing and marketing material must be pristine to attract new golf members to an association.

This also means that many organizations lose money and precious resources, perfecting the lettering of each scorecard they deliver. Like many other types of office equipment, companies need to replace printers with the latest technological features. In this article, we’ll discuss several common print management issues, and introduce some of the best printers for vibrant print production.

The Challenges of Mailing and Marketing for Country Clubs

Country clubs produce hundreds of brochures, calendars, scorecards, and marketing material each month to generate new interest in their activities and provide news to existing members. If the print department inside a country club fails to promote its latest marketing material, the organization could lose members and see a reduction in profit over time.

Here are several reasons why print production quality matters for golfers:

Format Requirements: The design of a scorecard in golf provides comfort in the hands. Peculiar pencil slits, folds, die cuts, and rounded corners allow golfers to navigate the course during competitive tournaments. Consequently, printing organizations lose valuable resources and time crafting precise prints with abnormal formats.

Marketing Campaign Demand: Almost all golf organizations plan out advertorial concepts months in advance before they’re required, although they may be working on thousands of prints at the same time. If they use inadequate printers, all marketing goals may become delayed.

High-Print Volume: Country clubs must always keep a full stockpile of printing supplies to produce all the marketing material for the month. A mismanaged inventory can become a common area of concern inside busy golf organizations when there are not enough supplies to fulfill print demands.

Golf course membership programs need to prioritize their managed print services to keep up with member activities, events, marketing campaigns, and financial goals.

The Top 3 Best Printers for Country Clubs

Behind the busiest country clubs, sits a team of dedicated professionals who manage all of their printing services with the fastest copiers on the market. Here are three of the best printers to use for creating exquisite country club prints.

1. Konica Minolta Bizhub 808

The productivity production and print speeds of the Konica Minolta Bizhub 808 make it the best printer to use for creating information-latent mailing material at high-output speeds.

● 90-180 originals per minute speeds

● 65-75 pages per minute speeds

● 3,750-sheet paper tray capacity

● Two output trays

● SRA3, A3, A4, and B4 paper compatibility

Once a country club is ready to promote new events, they can upload new ideas via mobile connection and locate the saved files in a secure cloud storage system. It significantly saves time while printing high-volume material.

2. Konica Minolta Bizhub C658

The feature-rich Konica Minolta Bizhub C658 offers some of the most outstanding color production quality for calendars, brochures, or other image-priority documents. It works excellent for creating vibrant images and crisp logo designs.

● 65 pages per minute speeds

● Large 10.1” custom color panel with mobile connectivity

● Dual scanning of up to 240 originals per minute speeds

● Built-in web browser for secure cloud storage

It’s capable of printing up to 1,200 dots per inch images in pristine quality. This high-accuracy image production printer has a compact footprint and z-fold design, which makes it an excellent floor space saver.

3. Lexmark XC4160

Where continuous print production is required, the Lexmark XC4160 is a powerful, multi-functional option for use in any printing application. It works wonders inside country club print departments due to its flexible print-production features and high-output speeds.

● 50 pages per minute speeds

● 20,000 toner cartridge capacity

● Mobile and cloud-compatible scan center

● Contact storage

Golf course membership clubs may enjoy the built-in accounting features, which save time tracking costs during large-scale print productions.

Experience True Printing Power with Blue Technologies

Are printer speeds holding back club marketing campaigns? Try upgrading your printer equipment. Outdated printers lack print efficiency and quality that golf course memberships need to display the full splendor of their activities. With the assistance of managed print services, country clubs can spend less on print supplies and meet print production demands.

Blue Technologies understands that new memberships are not easy to obtain for country clubs in Ohio. Upgrade your equipment to produce top-quality prints. Contact us today to learn more about the latest printer models available and reach higher marketing potential.

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