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Best HP Wide Format Printers for Ohio Architects and Engineers

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Aug 14, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Architects have a unique set of needs when it comes to printing. After all, blueprints and schematics can’t be printed on 8x11” sheets. The restrictions of conventional printers lead many architects to outsource to third-party print shops. However, the argument that architecture firms should buy their wide-format printers is gaining traction.

Why Architectural Firms Should Have In-House Wide Format Printers

Traditionally, it was standard practice for many architectural firms to outsource the production of blueprints and schematics to thirds party print shops. When the price of wide-format printers was much higher and hence largely inaccessible to architectural firms, outsourcing to print shops made sense. Over the years, the cost of wide-format printers has experienced a dramatic and much welcome drop.

Now is the time for architectural firms of all sizes to take advantage of the dip in prices and buy their wide format printers. One of the most tangible benefits of owning a wide format printer is enormous cost savings.

Another significant advantage of owning a wide format printer is faster turnaround times. There'll be no more playing phone tag with print shops and waiting on blueprints to be delivered. By printing their blueprints and schematics in-house, Ohio architectural firms can become more efficient, productive, and professional.

Major Wide Format Printer Brands

When it comes to wide format printers, architectural firms in Ohio have several brands to choose from. While there is a great deal of variability between these brands, the decision will mostly come down to which one has the features that best match the individual needs of the firm.

Among the top brands out there to choose from, architectural firms based in Ohio should choose from the following:

1. Konica Minolta is one of the best value brands in terms of performance for the price. Their Accurio series is worth checking out.

2. HP is one of the most influential and most respected names in the field. HP wide format printers are perfectly designed for architectural use.

Things to Look for in Wide Format Printers

The advantages of having a wide format printer are prolific as firms will no longer have to rely on third party print shops to produce their blueprints and schematics.

Detail, Efficiency, and Precision Versus Print Volume and Speed

While some businesses put a premium on print volume and speed versus detail, precision, and efficiency, for architectural firms, the values are typically reversed.

While legal offices focus on printers that can produce high print volumes with great rapidity, architectural firms printing blueprints will put more value into precision and detail.

Technology, Operating Costs, and Consumables

Another critical factor for architects to consider when shopping for wide format printers is the sophistication of the technology, operating costs, consumables.

Maintenance Considerations

The amount of maintenance that a printer requires is also something to ask about it when checking out different models. Printers that need lots of maintenance should be handled by a managed print service to alleviate the amount of time they take up.

Ease of Use

For many architectural firms, ease of use is going to be an essential factor. While the low price of wide format printers is one thing that makes them a viable option overprint shops, ease of use is a must.

HP Wide Format Printers for Architects and Engineers, the DesignJet T and Z Series

The HP DesignJet T and Z series should be the first models to look at when shopping for wide format printers for architectural use. Perfectly designed for the production of blueprints, CAD drawings, and presentations.

When it comes to precision, these HP wide format printers deliver like no other, making them a wise choice for architects. The HP name carries respect because of the incredible quality they’re known for. Ohio architects can be recognized for the same quality in their work when they use HP DesignJet printers.

Blue Technologies Is the Premier Destination for Ohio Architects Looking for Wide-Format Printers like HP DesignJet

Architectural firms in the state of Ohio don’t have to go far to find great deals on the best wide-format printers. They can get these deals right at home, from Blue Technologies, a trusted industry leader that is invested in its customers, including architectural firms.

Check out Blue Technologies and ask about how an HP DesignJet can help architects.

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