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Benefits of an In-House Printer to Create Effective Signage for Events and Entertainment Venues

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Apr 19, 2021 8:15:00 AM

Events and entertainment venues have an uphill struggle as they begin to recover from the disruption caused the recent pandemic. Not only are people leery of attending heavily populated events, but they also have less disposable income to spend on leisure activities. This shift in consumer behavior means venues must compete for a shrinking market — and attendee experience is at the crux of success.

Creative, attractive, and informative signage is a critical element of designing an atmosphere that improves the overall experience of event attendees. Not only should your signs be professional, but they should be printed in high-resolution in brilliant, eye-catching colors to gain attention — and attendance.

Eye-Catching Signage Works — an In-House Printer Can Help

Signage not only helps event visitors enjoy the venue more, but it also helps to serve as visual branding to keep your event or venue at the forefront of their mind. Here are several ways you can incorporate signage into your next event to draw attention — and attendees — for future endeavors.

Visitor Directions

Going to a large event — especially while under social distancing restrictions — can feel overwhelming for many people, particularly if they have not been to the area previously.

Graphic signage can help direct visitors to seating areas, attractions, exits, food vendors, or other facilities. These signs should be in proportion to your venue — ranging from banners and posters for large venues to simple, 8.5 x 11 signs for smaller, more intimate gatherings.

Printer Suggestions: Wide format printers are excellent for providing large graphics such as banners and posters, while full-color printers or multifunction printers (MFPs) can help smaller venues look smart with sharp, clear graphics in a smaller output size.

Event Information

New visitors to events often benefit from brochures, flyers, or folders explaining the event lineup and providing additional resources about the event — or even about the local area. A dual benefit of informational flyers is that they are often collectable, and they can be branded to keep your logo — and venue — in front of potential attendees, even after the event has concluded.

In support of (future) event promotion promotion, large-format signage such as banner stands and banners can advertise upcoming attractions or exhibits, offer special discounts, or encourage membership in “frequent attendee” or patronage clubs.

Printer Suggestions: A production printer can easily process high volumes of brochures and flyers to help with advertising or information at the event. A wide format printer can produce large signage that stands up to weather and high traffic to advertise current or upcoming events.

Providing Atmosphere

The proper signage does more than just direct visitors and provide event details — it can also help you create a custom “feel” for your event or venue. Wall, window, and floor graphics can provide both — helping control traffic flow or offering a bespoke or branded look for your event.

Printer Suggestions: A wide format printer can handle a number of media to produce banners, posters, and wall, window, and floor graphics for your event.

Blue Technologies — Your Source for the Best Selection of Printers

At Blue Technologies, we take printing seriously. That’s why our team of print and imaging professionals has cultivated strong partnerships with leaders in the industry.

We carry the widest and most leading-edge selection of printers in our print family to fit the needs of any venue or event — large or small. In fact, we even offer multifunction printers (MFPs) for venues that need their equipment to do double duty. Our MFPs not only provide high-quality smaller sized prints, but can scan, fax, and copy as well.

On the other end of the spectrum are our selection of production and wide-format prints that bring high-volume and high-quality printing together for the widest range of output possibilities. Depending on type and model, you can produce fabulous, full-color signage on a number of media — from vinyl to polyester — for brilliant, eye-catching signage that works.

Lower costs and increase attendance by bringing your event signage in-house. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today to explore our wide variety of high-quality printers.

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