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Automating Workflows for Ohio Advertising Firms with iManage Work

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Mar 4, 2020 11:15:00 AM

Running a successful advertising firm requires dedication, creativity, and excellent customer service. Writing the perfect copy, ensuring the timely delivery of campaigns, and maximizing productivity all depend on the resources available to the agency. Technology has become an enabler that can help firms achieve their strategic goals while maintaining the levels of quality their customers have come to expect.

Chaos and creativity often go hand in hand. As executives usually also come from within the industry, ensuring the precise execution of processes can be challenging for firms. iManage Work 10 can help agencies to improve their operations with workflow automation and modern collaboration tools. As ad spending in the US will reach approximately $263.05 billion this year, leveraging the latest productivity tools can help agencies remain competitive.

iManage Work 10 Features and Capabilities

Ad agencies manage a lot of information relating to design briefs, customer feedback, and internal communications. iManage Work 10 helps firms to manage all their digital information in a central repository using shared workspaces. To deliver the best work product, professionals need instant access to all the information relating to a specific project. iManage Work 10 enables teams to quickly create or revise documents and collaborate with colleagues, clients, and consultants in a single project-specific workspace.

Some of the benefits iManage Work 10 brings to agencies include:

● A single view of all project-related content and communication for better decision making

● Granular permission controls to keep workspaces secure but accessible to authorized users

● Search capabilities across all project content and communications for improved client engagement

● Integration capabilities with other work product management applications

● Respond to clients easily from anywhere with mobile-accessible workspaces

Another benefit of iManage Work 10 is the seamless integration with email tools. This allows agency staff to work directly from their email client on projects while keeping all communication and content structured for easy review or retrieval.

iManage also comes with partner integrations to solutions that help with time management, project management, IP management, and document comparison tools. These features help the agency save valuable time, increase their billable hours, and make staff more productive.

iManage Work Product Management Tools

Agencies can choose to deploy iManage Work 10 on-premises or in the cloud, giving them the flexibility they need to work efficiently. The solution also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools to improve search capabilities and to reduce clutter in workspaces.

The iManage Work 10 Modules include:

iManage Work – A secure document and email management system.

iManage Share – File sharing and collaboration with a securely governed access model.

iManage Insight – Enterprise-grade content search and analysis tools.

iManage Govern – Records management and archiving solutions.

Additional modules include FileSite for Microsoft Outlook Integration, DeskSite with tight Microsoft Office integration, and OffSite for offline work. iManage Work 10 has an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) server that allows firms also to scan documents into searchable content.

Optimizing Agency Processes with Workflow Automation

Advertising firms are still mainly a service-orientated industry. For agencies looking to deploy iManage Work 10 to improve their processes, they will need to ensure they optimize their workflows for improved task execution. This requires the agency to review their current operations and map out every step of their processes.

The process map should include all stakeholders, define what their roles and responsibilities are, and what tools they use to keep work moving. Once the agency understands their current work processes, they can optimize their information flow and streamline task execution with iManage Work 10.

iManage Work 10 is a seamless Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that helps any professional services agency manage all their information securely. As information security is also a concern for any business today, having a secure work environment can help the agency protect sensitive data without compromising on efficiency.

Advertising Industry Outlook for 2020

The advertising industry in the US is trending healthily. With more people now connecting over digital platforms, the sector grew by 4.0% CAGR in 2019. For firms in Ohio who need to ensure they remain competitive in the growing climate, using productivity solutions like iManage Work 10 can be a game-changer.

If the agency still relies on spreadsheets and emails to manage their work, it could stifle growth in the company. iManage Work 10 is a robust, scalable, and intuitive solution that will enable firms to keep up with their workloads and improve their customer engagement.

Office Productivity Solutions from Blue Technologies in Ohio

Since 1995, Blue Technologies in Ohio have worked with customers to develop office productivity solutions that help them grow and thrive. Blue Technologies can help advertising firms in Ohio to deploy iManage Work 10 and other solutions efficiently with minimal disruption to the company and staff. With a team of dedicated technology professionals, Blue Technologies can provide a complete managed solution and expert advice for any agency looking to improve their work processes.

If you need more information on iManage Work or other workflow automation solutions, get in touch with Blue Technologies today.

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