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A Managed Print Environment Two Ways to Keep Data Organized and Safe

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 27, 2020 8:45:00 AM

Two of the most critical focal points in today’s office environment are how to provide cost-effective and efficient print services to maximize staff productivity and how to keep sensitive data safe and within compliance with data privacy legislation.

With the average employee printing at least 10,000 pages of paper a year and U.S. offices churning out 12.1 trillion sheets in the same time frame, it’s easy to see how optimizing your print environment can not only reduce waste, but also result in significant cost savings.

Add to that the fact that hackers are growing more sophisticated every year and fixing their attention firmly on SMBs and you can find compelling reasons why a secure, managed print environment is the right choice to address both of these issues.

Cybersecurity through managed print means more than just compliance — it helps protect SMBs from catastrophic loss. In a recent study, nearly half of SMBs stated that a data breach would permanently shut down their operations — a statistic that makes print protection and management imperative.

To discover how managed print services (MPS) can provide seamless support for both productivity and data protection, let’s take a deeper dive into the details.

Managed Print Services for Better Productivity and Cost Efficiency

Businesses that handle a lot of documents and information need to optimize infrastructure and processes to reach the high level of productivity and efficiency that drives revenue.

MPS allows companies to automate key business process workflows and digitize cumbersome hard-copy documents to streamline procedures and boost efficiency, as well as reduce staff frustration with outdated processes.

If your business opts for a cloud or hybrid cloud environment, sensitive data can be stored off-premises for additional security — and abundant cost savings. Physical document storage is not only cumbersome, but costly. Moving data to a cloud frees up real estate capital for use on more critical mission-sensitive tasks.

Another benefit of MPS is heightened data protection. Security is more effective with MPS, since maintenance and security patches and updates are automated, ensuring your system is always current with the latest threat protections.

Finally, MPS takes the burden of maintenance and troubleshooting off in-house IT staff so they can focus on higher level priorities, allowing companies to get the most out of their IT salary expenditures.

ECM Secure Printing for Optimal Print Data Protection

Enterprise content management (ECM) allows companies to dynamically capture, manage, secure, and distribute pertinent information in support of your key business processes.

Organizing your data in a coherent manner is critical for productivity — office staff needs dependable, managed data search to assist them in increasing their productivity.

Not only does ECM allow you to index, and therefore easily search and find, the information you need, but it brings powerful security to your print environment to assist in managing compliance and data protection.

Secure Print Release — an Important ECM Tool

Physical control over print documents is paramount for companies looking to expand data security. Being able to leverage physical access control authorizations means printed documents are not released until the document “owner” is physically ready to receive them from the printer.

Keeping information in a print queue rather than in an output tray in hard-copy format puts an extra layer of protection between your sensitive data and potential threats.

Not only does this provide additional data protection and facilitate compliance with specific data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), among others, but it significantly reduces energy, paper, and toner costs.

Choose Blue Technologies for Comprehensive Print Management Coverage

At Blue Technologies, we have access to the most current state-of-the-art technologies to help you manage your print environment and secure your data.

While many providers offer either/or solutions, our company is proud to provide network and print management services that dovetail with our bespoke ECM solutions.

Our focused expertise means that your entire workflow — from cloud environment to document management and office equipment — can be secured and managed seamlessly under one umbrella.

Take control of your printer fleet. Managed Print Services is the perfect solution to drive cost control, productivity, and security within your organization. Contact Blue Technologies today to learn more.


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