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3 Ways Cloud Computing is Transforming the Legal Industry

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Oct 11, 2021 8:15:00 AM

Like many industries, the law industry was tipped head over heels by the ongoing pandemic. As more brick-and-mortar office shut down to keep employees safe, lawyers headed to home offices to try and keep ahead of daily tasks. This rapid adoption of remote work or hybrid work situations was a pivotal point for firms hesitating over digitally transforming the way they did business.

As law offices struggled to adapt to this innovative way of working, new light was shed on powerful software and services as assistive technologies. Cloud services are a primary way businesses — and now legal firms — can increase their productivity and effectiveness.

In short, cloud services comprise a cloud-based software service or solution that can be accessed through the internet by using a mobile application or native desktop browser. Data can be stores remotely (in the cloud) for additional accessibility and scalability of powerful legal tools. 

No Longer a Cloud of Confusion — Cloud Computing Debuts Its Strength for Law Firms

Legal firms have been slow to adopt technology for a variety of reasons, including continuing reliance on paper-based processes, ethical considerations, and issues surrounding time and focus. When cloud-based systems were first introduced, there were some valid reasons why many firms balked at the idea of outsourcing data management, especially to an outside server. Now, advances in security protocols and technology have made storage in the cloud better and more secure than on-site servers. Besides stronger and better security for effortless compliance and peace of mind, cloud computing offers law firms the following value-added benefits:

  1. Increased Reliability 

Cloud-based redundancy for unparalleled data protection and backup cannot be matched by infrastructure that relies upon internal servers. In a cloud-based system, if the primary server goes down, a secondary server powers up to ensure business continuity. In the event of a disaster, breach, or equipment error, this feature can significantly lower the risk of losing data and/or creating a work slowdown. 

In addition, your cloud services provider will ensure backups are automated, with cloud systems performing continual updates and syncs to reduce the potential for data loss.

  1. Measurable Cost Savings

Data storage costs money. And maintaining legacy infrastructure to support internal backups is a drain on the budget. Not only must a law firm dedicate expensive floor space to servers — or even file cabinets in low-tech offices — but they must employee highly skilled IT staff to manage and maintain on-premises data storage. 

Cloud technology allows law offices to scale storage and services on an as-needed basis, without investing in on-site IT staff, software, or in-house equipment. The predictable, easily managed costs of cloud services become an enormous benefit when budgeting for growth.

  1. Targeted Efficiency 

One of the greatest advantages to the adoption of cloud-based systems is the ability to automate workflows and integrate cloud technology with other systems. This feature allows law firms to reduce focus on necessary, yet time-consuming tasks such as invoicing and billing, scheduling appointments, managing files, and creating the vast number of legal documents necessary to business operation. 

Cost-effective cloud-based systems offer firms a low barrier to entry while providing a plethora of advantages to time-strapped attorneys. 

Blue Technologies Has the Cloud Computing Expertise Your Firm Needs

Tired of searching endlessly for the right information for an upcoming case or legal issue? Worried about misplaced documents or data breaches increasing the risk for your firm? Ready to skyrocket productivity and make it easier for your legal team to get work done fast, with less frustration? Then, welcome to the world of cloud computing and cloud services.

At Blue Technologies, our team of cloud experts is standing by to help you create and deploy a cloud-based technology solution that will help your staff get secure access to the information they need — whether they are working from home, on the go, or in the office. Compliance and security issues are a breeze, and automated backups ensure your information is available exactly when you need it, even if there is a breach or an equipment failure. 

Reap the benefits of bringing your firm into the cloud. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and explore the many ways our suite of cloud services can transform how your law office functions.

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