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3 Trends to Watch in IT Security in 2019

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jan 21, 2019 7:55:00 AM

Cyber threats, malware, and IT security threats never take a break, even for the New Year. Criminals are constantly adapting to cybersecurity, and the 2018 IT security news was no different. As the value of the cryptocurrency market increased, cybercriminals turned their sights on coin mining. Malware tasked to coin mining increased more than 4,000 percent last year, putting cloud computing and enterprise networks at risk.

Malware implanted in software updates was another threat that increased in 2018. Software supply chain attacks, or malware that infects a software update, increased more than 200 percent last year. Even the most secure network can be threatened by malicious code during an update.

Mobile malware was another threat on the rise in 2018. According to a recent report, cybersecurity software company Symantec blocked more than 24,000 mobile malware attacks every day last year. Ransomware and intellectual property continue to be a focus for cybercriminals. Identity theft has always been a profitable enterprise for criminals.

As you begin planning for a successful 2019, it’s time to consider what new cyberthreats loom on the horizon. We’ll look ahead at the trends in IT security, helping you create a sound IT security strategy focused on internet safety for 2019.

A Look Ahead at IT Security in 2019

2019 will bring new business opportunities and new threats. Keep your business out of the IT security news by reducing risk and protecting yourself. These are the trends we see impacting cybersecurity and businesses in the New Year.

Cloud Security and Enterprise Mobility

Businesses will continue to shift away from centralized networks. The convenience and power of the cloud are partly behind this trend, but the increase in SaaS applications and the distributed workforce is also having an impact.

As you consider your IT security strategy, look at ways of securing users in multiple locations and across devices. Focus on identity security, rather than location security. Centralize management of end-user identities across the network and applications. Focus on security education for all users that work on the network.

Upgrading Infrastructure and Networks

With more focus on cloud and SaaS applications, it will put a strain on networks. Many businesses are embracing new technology but forcing it onto outdated and inadequate infrastructure. This not only reduces your operational efficiency, but it also puts the business at risk. Cybercriminals continue to target weak points in the network.

Legacy technology architecture slows your network and provides vulnerabilities for cybercriminals. Look to replacing legacy applications and devices. If you don’t have complete visibility into your network to identify risks, then make visibility and network monitoring a priority.

Once you have visibility, identify risks and develop a plan to eliminate them. It may take time, but this will not only increase your cybersecurity but operational efficiency as well.

Reduction in Cryptocurrency Attacks

The value of cryptocurrency has drastically decreased. Many cyber criminals that once focused on crypto mining will turn to other strategies. The slaved networks and malware once focused on crypto mining will turn to other criminal activities.

Threats like DDOS attacks and ransomware will increase. Crypto mining was a quiet threat that rarely made the front page of internet security news, but ransomware and DDOS is not only an active threat but a visible one. Continue to stay vigilant and look for an increase in very visible attacks as cybercriminals move resources from crypto mining.

Protect Yourself: Internet Safety in 2019

In 2019, the threat of attack and cybercrime will grow. You need to reduce your risk and exposure. Even if you were safe in the past, new threats are waiting.

Take the time to protect yourself. At the minimum, consider the following strategies:

  • Make Cybersecurity a Priority: Cybercriminals continue to adapt, and it is easy to let security grow lax. Make cybersecurity a habit for everyone in the company.
  • Leverage Managed IT Services: Cybersecurity can overwhelm most IT resources and leave you resource-starved for critical projects. Leverage outside managed IT services to reduce risk.
  • Implement Network Monitoring: It’s not a matter of if you will be compromised, but when. You need network visibility and monitoring to respond to an attack when it happens. Every moment matters.

Invest in IT Security in 2019

Enterprise and business technology are changing, with more businesses utilizing cloud services. Companies are embracing digital transformation for a market advantage.

Now is the time to prepare your internet safety measures and cybersecurity. Don’t wait until after your network and business have been compromised. Prepare your internet security now and reduce your risk in 2019.

Contact the internet security experts at Blue Technologies for more information on IT and network security using managed IT services.



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