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3 Reasons to Equip On-the-go Staff with Mobility Solutions

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 11, 2018 2:47:00 PM

Whether you’re walking into the office, grabbing a cup of coffee or playing at the park with your children, what is one thing you see in nearly everyone’s hand or close by?

A smartphone.

With more than 2 billion smartphone users in the market, mobile devices run our lives – from personal to professional. So why not take advantage of mobility solutions to enhance your business?

Read on for 3 ways mobility solutions can boost efficiency and productivity for your organization.

1. Speed up business processes

Do you have on-the-go employees that collect important, time-sensitive information in the field? If so, enable them to capture or scan that information from wherever they are.

Immediate capture of information speeds up business processes – resulting in improved customer service, faster workflow and better communication, says Float.

2. Enable instant sharing

The days of making hard copies to share information with coworkers are over. Digitizing documents and uploading to your corporate server from your mobile device makes them instantly available to anyone in your company – without having to wait for an associate to return to the office.

Your staff can more easily view, review, approve and route information – keeping your workflow moving efficiently.

3. Save time and money

Time is money, as the saying goes.  Save on both by implementing mobility solutions that work with your existing platforms and processes.

By enhancing your workflow with mobile solutions, you can save on print-related costs and recover productivity – an extra 240 hours of work per year from employees, according to Fliplet.

Not sure how mobile solutions fit into your workflow?

Work with your technology partner to evaluate your team’s mobility needs and implement the best-fit technology solution.

To request a free business assessment from the productivity experts at Blue Technologies, fill out our online request form or call (216) 271-4800.

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