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Questions to Ask When Purchasing In-House Production Print Equipment

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on Oct 18, 2021 8:15:00 AM
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Last year, the coronavirus pandemic caused worldwide economic hardships. Businesses shut down for long periods — or were permanently shuttered — and the repercussions are continuing to show up in the way people do business. Many companies had to rethink their dependence on outside suppliers for important day-to-day supplies such as signage and marketing collateral, since many print shops were forced to close. 

The decline in commercial printing continues, even though there were some spikes in demand for COVID-related signage. Many companies who rely on outside vendors to complete necessary proposals, plans, drawings, or signage do not want to be caught short if another shutdown occurs. For that reason, some businesses are focusing on setting up in-house production print shops. 

If your company is one of the many that is considered bringing your production print tasks in-house, you will want to fully understand the nature of production printers and production print equipment before making the investment. 

What Exactly Are Production Printers?

Production printers are also known as commercial presses or even digital presses. They are perfect for the company that wants ultimate control over branding and quality, and they are capable of producing high-quality prints rapidly, even in high-volume situations. Today’s production printers are highly reliable, with built-in features that help you automate workflows for even more return on your print investment. 

Depending on the model and type, a production printer can handle a number of media types — from vellum and cardstock to linen, canvas, glass, wood, and even metal. They can also achieve larger document sizes to print oversized plans and drawings as well as banners, wall graphics, and window clings. They are not only capable of printing high volumes quickly, they possess features that allow for paper stacking, punching, and trimming, and a host of finishing options for finely made, professional results.

Sounds good, right? Before you take the plunge, you should ask your supplier some pertinent questions before making a purchase.

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing In-house Production Print Equipment 

Being informed is of critical importance before investing in an in-house print environment. You want to make the best, and most cost-effective, choice when it comes to this type of equipment. New models and options are always evolving, and you have many choices when it comes to vendors. Here are a few questions to ask your preferred to get started: 

  1. Are There Multiple Product Lines Available? 

Some manufacturers only offer a single product, limiting your options for expansion. Speak with your print vendor about your business’s specific needs and goals to determine how much — or how little — printer you actually need. A qualified vendor will have production print experts on staff that can help you pinpoint your needs and find a manufacturer that will be a perfect fit. 

  1. Does Your Vendor Provide Service and Support?

If you are relying on in-house production print services to create marketing collateral or develop mission critical documents such as plans, drawings, or proposals you need your equipment to be in good running condition — all the time. A vendor that offers ongoing maintenance, service, and support is critical to smooth in-house print operations. 

Having a third-party manage your print environment also alleviates the pressure on in-house staff, freeing them to work on more targeted tasks. 

  1. Do You Need Wide Format Prints?

If you are printing on oversized media, you may want to consider the purchase of a wide format production printer. Wide format printers can print on page sizes up to 13” x 19” and beyond, depending on the manufacturer. Many wide format models have the same ability to print high-volume quantities, just like production printers, making them a valuable dual-purpose add-on to your in-house fleet.

Blue Technologies — Your Source for Leading-Edge Production Printers

At Blue Technologies, we partner with leaders in the print and imaging industries to bring you the very best in production print technology. With a wide variety of models and options to choose from, we are certain that we can match your printing needs and goals with a cost-effective production printer. 

In addition, our team of print experts will be standing by to support you through the creation and deployment of your new in-house production print center with outstanding service, support, and maintenance.

Reduce your dependence on outside sources for high quality prints. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and learn how simple and cost-effective running your own in-house production print shop can be.

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